Stooge - a comic creator

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We all love comics. Comic strips does not intimidate struggling readers with an overwhelming page of text. With easy-to-read short sentences and visual cues, comics are much more engaging than a novel or a short story.

Comics are also helpful for children with learning difficulties; children with autism can learn a lot about identifying emotions through the images in a comic book. Children with dyslexia, who may find it frustrating to finish a page in a traditional book, often feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete a page in a comic book. But not all educators and storytellers can draw, I cannot even draw a perfect circle. So I have created stooge, a comic creator app to help educators and storytellers create comics without the need to draw anything.



One of my dearest friends is a teacher who is passionate about educating her students. To make her teaching more interesting, she always tries innovative teaching strategies.

I recently became aware of the tools she was using to create the content for her students. She was using Canva and PowerPoint.

There were two problems:

  • Creating a PowerPoint is time-consuming
  • PowerPoint for kids? The best presentation for kids might be a comic, not PowerPoint.

So I invested my last weekend to create stooge.


Why the name stooge?

The dictionary meaning of stooge is someone who helps the main comedian to deliver his jokes, someone who allows himself to be used for others advantage. Stooge roughly means a puppet. So that’s why I choose the name stooge. Stooge helps you to deliver your story to your audience in a much interesting and engaging format.

That’s how stooge was born.

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have.

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