Stooge - a comic creator

2 min read

We all love comics. Comic strips does not intimidate struggling readers with an overwhelming page of text. With easy-to-read short sentences and visual cues, comics are much more engaging than a novel or a short story.

The modern internet sucks

2 min read

Internet is a term we are all aware of. We are using the internet every single day of our current modern life. You have access to whatever information you desire. Everything is perfect, then why do I say it sucks?

Introducing bummer

3 min read

A few days back I posted Let’s talk about failures, where I talked about the importance of sharing failures out in the open. It received a good response and some people told me they liked the idea. It got me thinking if people are liking this idea, why is it not a real thing yet. Is there any existing platform where I can create a resume of failure and share it publically?

You do not know how to Google

4 min read

When you started to use the internet google search is probably the first thing you learned. What is it to learn about a super simple website with only one input box to enter your query and a search button to find any information you may want? Everyone knows how to Google, but very few know how to search on google efficiently and get the results quicker.

Let's talk about failures

5 min read

Mess-ups. Mistakes. Blunders. Screw-ups. Failures. We all experience them in various forms. The big. The small. The duh why did I do that? Of all the things in the world to have a conversation about, failure seems an odd choice.

You already know how to code - Part Two

5 min read

In part one, we learned that you already know how to code and probably do it every day. You only need to learn the syntax of the programming language you choose to code in.

You already know how to code - Part One

2 min read

You probably think the title is clickbait, but it’s not. Just read along, and I will prove it in the next few minutes.

How I saved my startup from price war?

6 min read

ConfluxBot was launched as a SaaS (software as a service) product in late 2018. There was no other software available in the market similar to ConfluxBot, and I knew it had the potential to become my hero product.

Back in my college days, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I chose to pursue Chartered Accountancy Course, which focuses on finance, accounting and taxation. It just seemed right at that time as everyone around me was doing the same, so I decided to become a sheep and follow along.