The modern internet sucks

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Internet is a term we are all aware of. We are using the internet every single day of our current modern life. You have access to whatever information you desire. Everything is perfect, then why do I say it sucks?

The internet itself is beautiful. What sucks is the modern version that we have built out of it. It sucks because we do. It is easier than ever to set up a personal website or a blog. And yet people are not spending an afternoon setting up a personal website. They signup for the next social media platform instead. Why? Because it is easier, you clicked on a button and your space is ready with immense reachability to the people just like you, the people who suck as well. The people who will spend hours of their precious time scrolling and looking at the pictures of your personal life. They may even drop a like or comment but then… what? What happens next? Nothing. Nothing is what happens next.

Communication is now more often than not “intention-less” You chat with people mostly because you can, not because you really have a desire to share something with them. You have a long list of digital friends and followers you can chat with, while you don’t have a single friend to talk to.

For most people, the internet is just a photo-sharing website, a place for digital fights, a map, a screen of delight. They are not chasing the freedom of expression. They are chasing digital validation.

Big companies are spending big money to leverage every single bit of human flaws. They are cashing on your insecurities, and your desire to get digital validation. You sign up as a consumer on a social media site, now other big companies spend big money to advertise on your face, you find it interesting and become a consumer, yet another time.

You never get a chance to become a creator. You are restricted by the boundaries imposed by the platform. You are trapped, and you follow the trend. You do not own your content. You are happy about all that. And that sucks.

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