Dreams in the blue

1 min read

I am on a ship, at the center of the sea
All I see is water, it’s all around me

I want to be that kid again

1 min read

On the lands of the andaman, sitting on a remote beach.
A little kid playing with the sea-sand caught my attention.

Do we ever really move on?

1 min read

I know you are long gone.
I know you won’t come along.
I know I have been there too long.
I know you have got your groove on.
But tell me, do we ever really move on?
Or it’s just the mask we put on?

Why are software developers rude?

5 min read

Software developers create computer programs and solve technical problems using their creativity, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills. They are very straightforward, logical, and sometimes eccentric thinkers.

I own a smartphone

1 min read

I own a smartphone.
But my phone is without a camera.

I don’t know

2 min read
Why am I writing this post? Why do I even have a blog? Does anyone even read what I write? I don’t know. Do I love to write? I don’t know.

Debugging yourself

2 min read

Debugging is quite a common task in programming. You code something, and it does not work as expected. You coded it, so you know what the expected behavior should look like. It gives you an error message as well, with some information about the error. You read the error, try to make some meaning of it, search it on Google, look at Stack Overflow, read the docs, and ask your dev friends or a random developer online for help. And that’s how you usually find a solution.

Love, Possession, Ownership

2 min read

More often than not, we try to put a leash on people we love and force them to do what makes us happy, what saves us from embarrassment, and what keeps our pride alive. We tell them we love them and we know what’s right for them. But, do we? Is it really love? or ownership, if we are making decisions for someone else based on what benefits us.

Some random thoughts on life

4 min read

This post is not about software, technology, or any interesting story. If you are reading for something interesting, skip it. This post is just a collection of some of my random thoughts about life, love, relationships, society, and pain. I am not even sure what I am going to write. I will probably ramble a lot.

Don’t cave in while you learn

3 min read
The only way to learn something is by doing, and the only way to make your learning faster is by sharing what you learn. At every stage of our life we are learning something, our learning will never end.